About Us 

Hello there! Thank you for visiting SewZanne’s Fabrics, the best fabric supplier in the United States with the largest inventory of different types of fabrics.  


We are very happy to help you pick out the fabrics that you want. Please do not hesitate to browse through our gallery and choose what you want from our large inventory. Plus, if you need any help, you can always Contact Us and we will help you in choosing what you need based on your specifications. SewZanne’s Fabrics is well known throughout the United States for the quality of fabrics we provide and the sheer volume of choices available to you.  


SewZanne’s Fabrics is available for all residents of the United States. Wherever you may be, no matter what State you live in, know that we will always deliver what you want. Plus, you have the added convenience of calling us to seek our advice. We have dedicated customer service specialists who can walk you through our inventory and help you determine what you need and what you should purchase. We can even help you out in terms of determining the volume of your requirements and sourcing those hard to find fabrics.  


SewZanne’s Fabrics was born out of Susan’s love for fabric and clothing. It started more as a hobby but later on developed into an established business with the demand for fabric. What is important to know is that SewZanne’s Fabrics is actually Susan’s contribution to the environment as we promote the use of sustainable fabrics which include upcycled fabrics or those that have been converted from waste materials into better fabrics that can be used for clothing. As much as possible, we encourage you to use these types of fabrics to mitigate the effects of climate change and be a better steward of the environment.