Blog 2 

Why It is Important to Shop Sustainable Fabrics 


Are you aware of the cost of fashion to the environment? Apparently, fashion is the second biggest environmental polluter. This is because of the fact that fast fashion is such a big industry and that for a lot of people, clothes are only worn for six months at the most. After that, most of these clothes are thrown away and end up in landfills where they take a long time to decompose and some do not even decompose at all. 


What if there is a way to salvage these fabrics and make use of them in order to save the environment? Yes, now, with a lot of technologies available, it is very possible to get these thrown clothing items and upcycle them into new fabrics.  


This is one of the offerings of SewZanne’s. We have a lot of fabrics that have come from landfills or have been donated to us. We then take them apart, process and epicycle them and transform them into new fabrics. What is interesting is the fact that these new fabrics are actually one of a kind and are very much in demand by artisans and creative people and actually fetch good prices in the market. Therefore, you are not only saving the environment but you are actually using these fabrics to create cool, creative and artistic clothing.  


Aside from upcycled clothing, it is also important to consider sustainable fabrics such as the ones made from hemp. These types of fabric are actually better because they are stronger and less prone to wear and tear, softer and more breathable. It is also good to consider organic cotton which may be a bit more expensive than regular cotton but does not require a lot of pesticides and chemicals to grow.