This page is dedicated to all of our satisfied customers. Just feel free to post here what you think of SewZanne’s fabrics.  


Sheryl, 25 


I am so happy to have found SewZanne’s Fabrics! Because of you, now I have a wonderful dress for my wedding. I have been looking far and wide for just the right type of fabric for my wedding dress but it was so hard for me to find the one. With the help of Rachel, SewZanne’s very able customer service representative, it took me only 15 minutes of discussions and browsing through photos and photos of nice fabrics. Compare that with the three months it actually took me to find SewZanne’s Fabrics.  


Michael, 45 


Let me take this opportunity to thank SewZanne’s Fabrics for helping us find hard to source fabrics which we needed for our furniture company. I was so happy that you were able to really help us as we have customers who only look for perfection in terms of their furniture orders. I will only use SewZanne’s Fabrics for our fabric orders from now on. I am definitely so happy with the services that they provide. Thank you so much.  


Ryan, 25 


I am a shirt manufacturer and SewZanne’s Fabrics really helped me a lot in growing my business. They have a lot of cloths and fabrics to choose from. What’s more, they even offer sustainable and up cycled fabrics. Their hemp and cotton fabrics are also the best. I know that with SewZanne’s Fabrics, I have made a lifelong partner. Cheers! 


Stacey, 30 


I have a small dress shop. Because of our size, I was afraid to order from SewZanne’s because I thought they were only dealing with customers who were ordering by bulk. But I couldn’t be more wrong. They really helped me a lot. Thanks so much Susan!