The Biggest Inventory of Fabrics in the United States

 Responding to your fabric requirements 


Welcome to SewZanne’s Fabrics — your top source of fabrics in the United States. We ship to all the different states in America. If you need fabric, know that only SewZanne’s can provide you with the highest quality ones.  


SewZanne’s started as a small fabric shop run out of the family’s home garage, which had to get fixed by Susan, the proprietor, is a graduate of Clothes Technology and has extensive experience in fabric sourcing and distribution. However, due to the demands of motherhood, she resigned from her day job and started a small business out of her home. It started as a small hobby which later ballooned into a full-time business. Currently, her husband and children help her in the day-to-day running of her shop in Kansas City.  


SewZanne’s Fabrics is very much in demand because of the quality of fabrics that it provides. The fabrics come from different areas — from the United States, Europe and Asia. With SewZanne’s Fabrics, you only have to say what you need and they will make sure that you will get it. In fact, customers attest to the fact that all of the hard to find fabrics can be provided by SewZanne’s. So what are you waiting for? Just order now and let us fulfil your requirements.  


Here are just some of the services that SewZanne’s Fabrics offer:  


All You Want Fabrics 


We are proud to say that we have the biggest inventory of fabrics in the United States. We carry all the different types — silk, corduroy, velvet, denim, flannel, knits, organic cotton, hemp, sherpa and the like. Our guarantee is that whatever you want, we surely have it. Plus, we can deliver fabrics in terms of the volume that you require.  


Sustainable Fabrics 


What sets SewZanne’s Fabrics apart is that feat that we only supply sustainable fabric. We work with fabric manufacturers to epicycle existing fabrics and convert it into something new, instead of landing into landfills and contributing to the existing pollution. In this way, we try to minimize our carbon footprint while contributing to the clean-up of the environment. If you want to be eco-conscious, choose our fabrics. We assure you that we are the largest supplier of eco-fabrics in the United States. What’s more, our fabrics are also ethical, meaning, we ensure the welfare and well-being of the laborers in our supply chain and veer away from suppliers with issues of child labor, harsh working conditions and the like.  


Your Go-To Fabric Source 


We know for a fact that it can sometimes be hard to find the fabrics that you want. In order to solve this problem, SewZanne’s offers a sourcing service. Let us know the kind and type of fabric you want, be as detailed as possible and we will do our best to look for it for you. This premium service comes at a very affordable price. Just contact us using the information we have on the Contact tab.